World Cup 2014 - Closed
Here are the 5 winners with their respective points:

Euro 2012 - Closed

Final Report - Sun 07/01/2012  (Joe M. )
Here are the 5 winners with their respective points:
1.  (227) Joe Moses  (240)

2.  (210) Jaime Marina  (96)
3.  (195) Cristina Devdhara  (72)
4.  (194) David Dalziel  (48)
5.  (175) Essam Aly  (24)

Fun StatsNo one picked the exact number of goals - 78 (4 people had 77 and 1 had 79)
Joe Moses had the most days in the lead - (9)  John McDonald  (4)
Mark Goodman picked the most results right in the prelim rounds without getting the actual score (13)
No one picked the Group A or Group B order Correctly.
14 people picked Group C in the correct order
4 people picked group D in the correct order
The most popular team (pre tournament) to win (NED)
6 people picked Spain to win.
No one picked Italy to get into the final.


Closed 2011-2012 Euro Leagues

2011-2012 - English League, Bundesligsa, La Liga, Serie A
Update!!!!  After further review, an error was found on the entry forms which have changed the true results of the pool.  

Congratulations to John McDonald who correctly picked the Bundesliga Teams (incorrectly entered into the pool tabulation sheet) which placed him first ahead of both Suzanne Clayton and Peter Moore who tied for 2nd place.
Revised Standings - 06/04/2012 - Final Results

Congratulations to Suzanne Clayton and Peter Moore (Winners) and Kenny Merchant 3rd place.
    Standings - 05/14/2012 - Final Results

Closed - 2010-2011 - English League
Congratulations to Jack Clayton, winner and Kenny Merchant and Kieran Doherty who tied for 2nd place.


World Cup Pool Information
07/11 Daily Results    Standings Summary To Date     Leader:  A. Clayton

1.  Ali Clayton  (391/470)
2.  Kabul Fuentes  (379/188)
3.  Mark Wisnevitz  (366/141)
4.  David Dalziel  (362/94)
5.  Randy Planegger  (345/47)

Fun Stats
- Randy Planegger guessed the correct number of goals (145) for the entire tournament which helped him to his 5th place finish.
- All 5 winners placing in the top 5, would also have placed in the top 5 without goal difference.
- Kabul Fuentes led the standings for 13 days and lost it on the final day by choosing NED to win and had 2 entries in the money through 118 minutes of the final game.
- The most games guessed right in the first round was 26 (w/l)
- The most games guessed right with the corerct score was 7

LASC's David Dalziel in South Africa